Buy a Bed That Makes a Statement

Shop for Dora Moss Beds in Lubbock & McKinney, TX

Your house is just the right size for your family, but what happens when guests pay a visit? Instead of pulling out the old air mattress, get a bed that's there when you need it and hidden away when you don't. Dora Moss offers a variety of Dora Moss Beds LLC, fold-away murphy beds at our store in Lubbock, TX.

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Customize every part of your new bed

Dora Moss Beds LLC takes pride in custom beds. They can customize your:

  • Color, to make sure it matches your interior design
  • Size, to build a twin, king or queen bed for your room
  • Style, to make your murphy bed look like an armoire when closed

Visit our store in Lubbock & McKinney, TX today to speak with an interior design specialist about the Dora Moss beds we offer at our location. We'll be glad to show you examples of our work.